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Instead of calling us to track an order, some customers might prefer to send an SMS. Our application will respond with order status information if it receives an SMS message containing the word "order" followed by a 10-digit order number. We realize that it's not realistic to expect customers to remember a 10-digit number, so if the requesting phone number is listed on an account, an SMS request containing the word "track" will result in a reply with tracking information for the last order placed using the account.

Like tracking an order over the phone, there is an option to speak with someone about the order. An SMS reply of the number 1 will initiate an outgoing call to to the sender with their order and/or account information already in the queue.

SMS Commands
Give it a try!
Give us a call at (631) 647-0909 and try it out for yourself, or watch a video demonstration.

If you don't already have an account, create one — we'll be able to automatically look up your information when you call us.

Twilio Developer Contest Winner
This application won Twilio's own "Powering Up Customer Service" developer contest which sought out the "most unique, powerful, and creative submission" using Twilio's telecommunications API for customer service purposes. Read all about our winning application on their blog.
Phone App Features
We're very excited about our integration with Twilio. Until now, our customer service approach was email-based, and while it did work, it was missing that personal touch customers look for. Thanks to Twilio, we've enabled our web applications to interact with incoming calls, place outgoing ones, and send and receive SMS messages on the fly, vastly improving our customer service abilities.

By calling us at (631) 647-0909, customers can track order statuses, enable or disable SMS notifications, and be connected to customer service. What sets our approach apart from other tracking systems is our ability to automatically look up the most recent order associated with the caller's phone number. This way, customer's wishing to track their order on-the-go don't need to have their 10-digit order number on hand to be able to keep tabs on it.

Customers calling us also have the option to be connected to customer service. Instead of simply transferring the caller to another phone number, we've built a custom call queue application that shows a customer service operator all calls waiting for service, along with their respective order and/or account numbers. An operator can then click on any call in the queue to connect the caller to them and the customer's order and/or account information is automatically displayed on the screen without any extra effort. If a call is not connected to an agent within thirty seconds, the caller will be asked to either request a callback or leave a voice message. Callback requests are also shown in the queue and an operator can place the call with a single click.

(Unfortunately we can't give third parties access to the screen the customer service operator uses because it displays customer information, but it is thoroughly demoed in the video above!)

Photography Avenue account holders can opt to receive SMS notifications with order status updates. A customer might want to disable these for whatever reason, and alternatively to sending "STOP" to our Twilio number, they can disable them with a call as well. Our application will automatically check to see if the caller is an account holder and ask for the account's zip code to disable SMS notifications if they're signed up. If the account isn't signed up for SMS notifications, the caller can opt out by entering the account's zip code as well. Should the caller's phone number not be associated with any account, they will be prompted to create one on our website.